Some buttons do not work.

The following buttons do not work as there are no corresponding functions in the software program.

  • Digital Performer 9
    - Marker Set button
  • GarageBand 10
    - Marker Set button, Marker Previous / Next button
  • SONER X2
    - Marker Set button
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    Mark Baker

    I've just installed it with logic and it is working, but the scene options are unavailable. I can switch selections of 8 tracks in the default mode which gives me multiple sets of faders, but i want to be more detailed with it and that without scenes restricts me to just 8 channels?

    Also how is the default mode coded, as in with the jumping in 8 blocks. If you customise there doesn't seem to be a way to I customise back as if you choose the fader it becomes solid connection. No jumping in banks of 8?

    if the scene buttons worked I could solve my issue.

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    John Pope

    I got same problem - buttons work - but scene button doesn't. how is this possible?



    I read scene button won't highlight if there's no extra scene data - I update scene 2 with new midi assignments - and give the scene a name - I write the scene data / and then write the scene sets.  But scene button still doesn't highlight in Logic. 



    IF anyone from Korg is listening - the logic plugin sucks. It denies ability to use expression / dynamics controls - please just make scene 2 control these for ALL logic users. (as the scene button doesn't work)

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    Valdevino A Jr

    Hello everyone!

    I've just bought NonoKontrol Studio to use in Ableton Suite 11, and the MIDI Controller functions don't work! Here in Brazil, the product is not currently on the market, so I bought it from Japan. I'm frustrated, because even in Logic X it's not working.

    How to configure the "Scene" button? Do you know an easier way to map it? We need to switch between tracks to mix and the Scene functions to bypass the 9th track/fader etc doesn't work... Does this key (Scene and the 5 points) only light up on Ableton 9? Can someone help me? What a sadness! Aren't people creating posts to charge for updated Korg software for this? Thanks to anyone who can help!

    Macbook Pro 2012 - OS Catalina 10.15.7.

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    Hello, how many banks of faders, buttons, knobs are you allowed per scene in Assignable mode?

    Thank you.

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