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Which DAW software does the nanoKONTROL Studio support?

These are:

  • Cubase 8,
  • Ableton Live 9,
  • Digital Performer 9,
  • GarageBand 10,
  • Logic Pro X,
  • Pro Tools 12 (except for Pro Tools Express),
  • SONAR,
  • Studio One 3,

and other software that accept data from MIDI input.

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    Paul Read

    When I have set my Global settings on the NK Studio I try to write these settings to the controller and I get a message that says "Failed to Open MIDI port." And indicates port 0.
    Huh? Please help.

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    Simon Roberts

    Dear Paul, I got around that by clicking the set MIDI manually option in the Global editor (even though it suggests not to). I'm still struggling with the MIDI timeout, if anyone has any suggestions. Up all night and still can't get the thing to work!

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    Palmerio Piras

    I will have to get substantial immersions thru Korg's tutorials before to make comments.
    Palmerio Piras

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    Danilo Tomasello

    Hi, i have the same problems, "failed to open midi port or" "timeout connection", i tried to set korg editor to detect manually or automatically, used korg utility to uninstall midi ports not used, manually removed all the midi ports on the windows registry and reinstalled from scratch the drivers... I think the nanoKONTROL can't to be used alternatively whit usb cable and bt connection. If i install bt drivers they work, but if i add usb driver the nanokontrol is recognized but midi connection fail. The nanoKontrol consunes a lot of battery so i need to alternate usb/bt mode immediately, how can i solve?

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    Stephen S. Nabet

    Hi, I've got the NanoKontrol Studio correctly connected to my 9.7 inch iPad Pro, GarageBand recognizes it, but none of the keys have any effect. It works fine on my Mac Pro and Logic Pro X though. Am I missing anything? A setup maybe?
    Thanks for your support.

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    Weerawat Weera

    While Ableton Live 9 being listed here, and the promotional image also show Ableton Live on Korg Website,

    I found no easy way to use Korg nanoKontrol Studio with Ableton Live 9, while working with Korg Gadget and Logic Pro X is perfect.

    Could anyone tell me how?

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