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I can't connect the microKEY Air even though it appears on the Bluetooth MIDI list on my Mac.

Open "System Preferences" window and select "Bluetooth".
If the microKEY Air is on the "Device" list, delete it from the list.
Then try connecting the Bluetooth MIDI again.


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    A Qi Lin

    The software is very good, can share other music software will be better

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    Michael Loechel

    It was working fine, but now it does not. I think it happened when Apple updated their operating system to High Sierra. I get a message saying:

    "MIDI over Bluetooth is not available because it requires MIDI services to operate in 64-bit mode.

    The following 32-bit driver plug-in(s) are incompatible:
    Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/EmagicUSBMIDIDriver.plugin/

    To re-enable 64-bit mode, remove the above driver plug-in(s) and then quite all applications using MIDI services. Hardware requiring these plug-ins will be disabled."

    The problem is that this driver (EmagicUSBMIDIDriver.plugin) does not exist in the folder
    Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/ or it is hidden. I also do not how to remove a driver even if I could find it. Delete it?

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    Bob Novak

    Michael L, I have the exact same issue with my M-Audio driver.. did you ever find a work around to your issue? I cannot find that driver anywhere.

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    Michael Loechel

    Hi Bob N,
    Unfortunately not and Korg support has been totally silent on addressing this issue which is very disappointing. If Korg is not going to support their products, I will really think twice about my next purchasing decision. Very unfortunate, because I have been a longtime Korg fan and customer.

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