Routing multi-channel MIDI to a single wavestate native instance in Ableton Live

Ableton Live supports the ability to use a multi-channel MIDI input (from a MIDI controller or other external MIDI device) to control different channels in a single multi-timbral plug-in, such as wavestate native.

To do so, Live requires that multi-channel MIDI be routed in a particular way:

  1. Create an instance of wavestate native. On the wavestate native Setup page, for each Layer (A-D), turn off “Use Global MIDI Ch.” and then select the desired MIDI input channel (for example, 1-4). 
  2. On the wavestate native track in Live, set MIDI From to No Input. This means that it will only receive MIDI from the MIDI Tracks, as set up below.
  3. Create four MIDI tracks in Live - one for each input and output channel.
  4. For each of the MIDI tracks, set the MIDI From device to your MIDI controller, and the MIDI From channel to the successive input channels (for example, 1-4).
  5. Also for each of the MIDI tracks, set the MIDI To device to wavestate native, and the MIDI To channel to the successive wavestate Layers (for example, 1-4).

Now, MIDI channels 1-4 from your MIDI controller are routed to MIDI channels 1-4 on wavestate native.

These instructions were written for and verified with Ableton Live 11, but may also apply to other versions of Live.

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