On macOS, wavestate native doesn't show any sounds in the Sound Browser

This can be caused by a problem with permissions in the Finder. To fix this:

1. Quit your DAW, and/or wavestate native standalone.

2. In the Finder, go to Users/Shared/KORG.

This is the folder that contains all of the wavestate native data.

3. Select the KORG folder and then command-i to open Get Info window.

4. To make edits, click on the Lock icon in the lower right corner. You'll need to enter your password. After entering your password, the icon should change to show an open lock.

5. Under Sharing & Permissions at the bottom of the Get Info window, set all Privileges to "Read & Write."

6. Click on the Gear Icon at the bottom and select "Apply to enclosed items."

7. When finished, click to lock icon again to disable further editing.

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