I'm having difficulties updating the hardware wavestate. How can I fix this?

If you're having problems updating your wavestate instrument via the Korg System Updater, please first check the helpful Troubleshooting section of the Korg System Updater Manual. For example, use a different USB cable; try connecting the USB cable directly to the computer; disable VPNs and firewalls; and so on. If these steps do not solve the problem, please contact your Korg Distributor for assistance. As a final step, you may try using the Korg USB Boot Utility.

The Korg USB Boot Utility provides low-level software installation and repair for select Korg hardware instruments. Currently, this includes the wavestate, modwave, and opsix instrument families. It allows you to update the instrument software even if the USB network connection to the instrument is not available, or if the instrument is not starting up normally. It connects to an internet server to download the software for installation.

Important: the Korg USB Boot Utility must be used with caution. It cannot detect the type of instrument to which it is connected. You must be very careful to select the appropriate update file for your instrument. Incorrect use may render the instrument inoperable. 

To use the Korg USB Boot Utility:

1. Download and install the macOS or Windows version of the software, as appropriate, from here: https://www.korg.com/us/support/download/product/1/450/

2. Run the Korg USB Boot Utility, and open the manual using "Open Online Manual" command in the Help menu.

3. Follow the manual's step-by-step instructions to update your instrument.

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