Can I get KRONOS sounds on my NAUTILUS?

KORG is releasing 6 new titles (EXs315 ~ EXs320) for NAUTILUS. If you purchase and load the 6 titles, NAUTILUS will be able to reproduce the preset sounds of KRONOS. (Excludes items that some titles are difficult to reproduce due to differences in specifications such as the presence of KARMA.)

  • EXs315 KRONOS Preload Support
  • EXs316 German D Piano
  • EXs317 Japanese C Piano
  • EXs318 SGX-2 Berlin D Piano
  • EXs319 KRONOS Ambience Drums
  • EXs320 KRONOS EXs Extras - KRONOS Sound Pack for NAUTILUS (bundle set of the above EXs315-320 and 6 titles)
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