The announcement regarding the renaming of the KORG Module series.

Thank you for your patronage of the KORG Module series. From version 3, which was released on July 18, 2019, we changed the name of KORG Module to KORG Module Pro and KORG Module Le to KORG Module.

We would love to see more iOS musicians use KORG Module as an instrument in its own right, not just as a trial version. KORG Module offers various sound libraries, such as famous Ivory pianos from Synthogy, a vintage E.Piano from Scarbee, and lively orchestra sounds from KAPro, in addition to KORG sound libraries. It's exciting to play these great sounds in any situation; stage, cafe, or even camping. Moreover, you can start to build your sound pallet for free! We believe that making Module more accessible will contributes the expansion of your iOS music experience.

We hope existing Module customers enjoy the new "Pro" version with the initial 100 programs Korg proudly offers, and current Le customers are thrilled to customize their sound-sets.
We will keep developing the KORG Module series. Hang on tight to see the next evolution.


Korg app team

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