What is unlockable in KORG Module?

KORG Module has a number of restrictions compared to KORG Module Pro. However, you can unlock some of the restricted features. Here we would like to explain two things: (a) how to unlock the features, and (b) what features you can unlock.

Note: KORG Module Pro includes all of the unlockable features in Korg Module by default.


How to unlock ?

There are 3 ways to unlock:

  • Connect a KORG hardware product that includes a "KORG Software Bundle". For more information, go to https://www.korg-license-center.com/
  • Getting KORG Gadget for iOS.
  • Making any purchase from the KORG Module store page


Features you can unlock

  1. Four additional sound programs: Natural Tine EP, Simple Organ, Clav CA, Strings and Sync Lead.
  2. 6 "Gadgetized" versions of modules in KORG Gadget
  3. Set List function
  4. MIDI player
  5. Audio Recording



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