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KORG Module and KORG Gadget Customers : Announcement of the discontinuation of PREMIER Vintage Organ

December 4, 2018

Thank you for your purchasing and using our software.

As you may know, we ended sales of PREMIER Vintage Organ, one of our Expansion libraries for KORG Module, on the 1st of December, 2018.

Also, the latest version of KORG Gadget for Mac, released on the 3rd of December, did not include some of Alexandria’s sounds (presets #19-#34).

We will issue an update as soon as possible with a newly developed organ sound to compensate for removing these sounds. We hope to make this update available before the end of the month.

This library will be free for those who have purchased either KORG Gadget for Mac or the PREMIER Vintage Organ in KORG Module.

We have also received reports from several users regarding the restore function in Module not working with any of the expansion libraries. We apologize for this bug. We are addressing this issue currently, and hope to have a fixed version available within a couple of days.

KORG app team

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    Thank you Korg App Team! We’ll look forward to the new Organ sounds. We also appreciate your efforts.

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