Exchanging Data Over the Internet


For online multiplayer and exchanging data over the internet, in addition to an internet connection, you will also need to sign up for Nintendo Switch Online (paid service).

Also, in order to properly connect, a stable internet connection is required. Tethering and other non stable connections are not recommended.


Sending Song Data

Create a “Room” for exchanging data, and exchange data in that room.

  1. From “Data Exchange” select “With a Distant Person.”
  2. Select “Send Data,” select a meeting place, and select the song you want to
  3. Share the meeting place and your username with the person you want to send
    the song to, and wait for them to connect.
  4. Once they connect, press the A Button to send the song data.

Recieving Song Data

  1. Get the meeting place and username from the person you want to receive the song from.
  2. From “Data Exchange” select “With a Distant Person.”
  3. Select “Receive Data,” and select the person’s meeting place.
  4. Select the person’s username.



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