Changes in version 1.1


New Functions

  • When "random gadget" is selected in Time Limit Mode, the timbre of the gadgets will now also be selected at random.
  • In Time Limit Mode, a "random tempo" function that randomizes the tempo and swing, and a "random scale" function that randomizes the scale and key were added.
  • On the piano roll screen, a “duplicate” function was added that copies the current clip content and doubles it.
  • A scene and track sorting function was added.
  • When editing velocity or automation and setting the tempo, a function for fine tuning by pressing the ZL button was added.
  • A “tap tempo” function was added to the song settings screen.
  • When editing piano roll screen automation, a “clear automation” function was added to the menu.

Bug Fixes

  • ixed the tempo settings not being reflected when song data is loading.
  • Fixed the bug where, in some cases, save data could become corrupted.
  • Fixed the bug where, in some cases, Gadget would freeze when editing Kamata.
  • A number of other bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.


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