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Can I export songs?

Because of limitations of the Nintendo Switch platform, we can not support exporting songs.
 When you want to use songs externally, please record the audio from either the headphone output in the body of the Nintendo Switch, or from HDMI audio output.

If you have KORG Gadget for iOS, you can send song data from the Nintendo Switch version to the iOS version using a QR code. You can export to an audio file or upload to Allihoopa and other platforms.
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    Jeff Anderson

    Ahh, that is a shame. I guess Metacritic is the place to read reviews then? Maybe some of the users who purchased the app can go review it there.

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    There should be creative workarounds to this problem. For example, I think Mario Maker for the Wii U uses a combination of a numerical ID and cloud storage to upload, share, and download levels among players. You've already got GadgetCloud for this. If third party games are allowed to upload and use custom player-made levels (LodeRunner maybe?), then they should also allow export of midi or project data. But I don't know why I'm brainstorming solutions instead of you!

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    Kiba Miyata

    Really disappointing.. Apparently, you guys were not even able to implement the touchscreen correctly either. Guess I'll go share this news around with my friends who were also interested in buying this version of Korg. You will get no sales from us.

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    Constantinos Lapiotis

    I really want to buy this software. Please, make the export functionality to mp3, WAV, or MIDI files though an SD card a reality via a version 2.0 update. Then advertise it from the internet and from within the Nintendo Switch News section. Then, I will buy it. Thank you.

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    michael wilson

    Here's an idea. Reduce the price to $10 until you can enable saving and then charge the difference to enable the export feature once you get it sorted with nintendo. I bet loads of us angry people would take a punt on it at $10, we might grow to love it, and you'd remove a lot of the bad will you've generated.

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    I’m so completely disappointed right now. I’m sure you don’t care. You just made $50. No export or MIDI. Wtf, I want a refund.

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    Evan Ritchie

    Is it safe to connect a male-male audio cable from the switch to my PC's headphone jack to record audio from the program?

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    @Evan Ritchie Yes, it is safe — but, you'll want connect the Switch's headphone jack to your PC's line-in (or microphone) jack.

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    Kristoffer Strand

    I bought this on switch. I used some hours on making a cool beat, and then I found out I couldn't export it.. I love the program.. But I would like a refund if possible. THERE MUST BE A WAY to fix this. Make it possible to login with a Korg account and transfer our data or something. Just please figure it out.

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    gao jun

    Like you said,I recorded a beat I made,and like you said,because of limitations of the nintendo switch platform,when I played what I recorded on my player,its quality was so horrible。I won't use this software until someone has it fixed。Do you know what is lossless anyway?

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    Brandon Marguet

    Does this app have any features worth buying it for?

    No MIDI and no export make this basically a cheap toy. No sale

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    Inspector Gadget

    Dear Korg,
    Really happy with the Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch however there is one simple alteration I believe you should implement as it will speed up workflow for all users.
    When editing velocity, currently when doing so users are always sent back to the beginning of the timeline. For example, if I want to edit velocity for percussion 'note'/sound on bar 2 at location 2:3, I press X and choose 'velocity' from the menu. The screen that pops up covers half of the screen so in some cases I cannot see the notes on the piano roll editing screen for the high-hat(s) to be edited further ahead on the clip timeline of the drum track. So, if I then want to edit a high-hat/note at location 7:3 for instance, I have to press B to see the rest of the notes on the screen, then I have to scroll over to the location I want to edit note velocity and press X and choose velocity again. When I do this, I am immediately sent back to the beginning of the track timeline to 1:0, so I have to remember location of high-hat notes and scroll over to 7:3 (in this example), use the left analog stick to find the sound, then edit with the right analog stick. What would be much better is if when we want to edit a note at a certain location, we don't get sent back to the beginning of the time line. This is especially frustrating when using the London drum machine module because there are many sounds on the same timeline location sometimes and when editing velocity they are stacked on top of each other. An even better solution would be to give each drum sound it's own velocity editing screen, so the layers wouldn't be stacked. There are a few other workflow improvements I have in mind as well, but I don't know if anyone will read this suggestion, so I'll wait to see what happens with this message/suggestion first.

    Thanks a lot for reading.

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    KORG app

    Hi there,
    thanks to your feedback!
    Unfortunately, our developers cannot get feedback from this forum.
    Could you post your comment from here again?

    Thanks in advance,
    KORG app team

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    Inspector Gadget

    Hello Korg app team. Thanks for your prompt reply. I re-posted the suggestion @ https://support.korguser.net/hc/requests/new as requested.

    All the best

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    I would suggest to try MusConv.com tool.

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    Jamie Adams Development

    Isn't it possible to have a cloud service where our songs from the Switch can be sent to a server for them to be exported, and then emailed to us?

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    [Line Rider] Eliasbw444

    Well im waiting like 2 month of "can i export my song?" and no, so pls add the export in a future version.

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    in the same way you export the data to the iOS version of the app, could you not create a simple file converter app for the apple store, play store and Microsoft store so people have an actual good use for the QR codes, I mean think about it amateur programmers can do that so there is not reason you couldn't, you transfer the data to a conversion app that lets you convert to MP3 then save to your preferred save space, please read this and at least consider it I would rally love to use the Nintendo switch version of the software to its fullest potential but it seems your holding back a little, absolutely love the software though <3

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