KORG Gadget 3 Main New Features

New Gadget Browser and Sound Browser
To make it easier than ever to find the desired gadget instrument, we have revised the Gadget Browser and added various functions. New features include displaying gadgets by instrument category, a Favourites function that allows you to group your favorite gadgets, and a search function that allows you to freely search for sounds in each gadget. Using the program search function, it is now possible to quickly and easily preview and search for the sound you wanted from a vast array of sounds.



Genre Select to start creating songs by combining your favorite patterns.
The new "Genre Select" feature allows you to select your favorite genre and sound, and then start songwriting by freely combining patterns. 5 x 5 pads are all assigned with phrases created by gadgets, so you can start songwriting by freely combining your favorite patterns. You can start creating a song from a project in which each track's gadgets and scenes have been developed. Choose from the standard genre packs and enjoy a different approach to music production.


Brushed up user interface of IFX page and Play page
The IFX page now provides a graphical display for sound adjustments such as EQ and Comp, and other graphical displays for sound adjustment. Five new effects have also been added, including an 8-Band EQ that expands the scope of music production, Transient Shaper, Stereo Imager, Auto Pumper, and Pitch Shifter. An improved Scale menu, the Play page, makes it easier to set up arpeggiator, chord, and scale settings. The playing pads are now set to velocity in the up and down direction.。



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