What is Flex Play?

Designed for live performance, the Flex Play feature makes it easy to generate fills or breaks. Touch and hold Length or Tempo buttons, and then try stroking the touchpad. Movement in the X-axis will change the Length of all parts, and movement in the Y-axis will change the Tempo, allowing you to add dynamic changes to your song that will further expand your performance possibilities.

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    I have bought your Kaossilator for Android. I would like to thank to your developer team who create the outstanding app for android users. I am using the app on my 10 or D with Android 8.1.0 version and it is working nicely. Its output audio is great. Is it possible for you to develop a full-flegded DAW for android users where pro music production could be done on one place?

    With regards,
    Palash Baruah

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    So playable, this features actually awesome

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