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How do I use save the program tone from ARP ODYSSEi in Lexington?

Does not supported.

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    Gad Getty

    Why is this not supported?
    It's possible with iM1

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    Andrew Cummings

    Please can we have some way of sharing sounds between Lexington and Odyssei.

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    Ross Harper

    Absolutely - great synth but please provide this functionality KORG.

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    Ross Harper

    Also, KORG, please can we have the ARP step sequencer in the Lexington Gadget instrument? Seems weird you guys left this off, it would be great fun to have this functionality, similar to how the Reason step sequencers sync up to the master sequencer. Come on KORG!!!

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    West Price

    Please, please make the ODYSSEi able to merge tracks onto gadget! This is a huge problem for so many people that use the app. And as the person above said please allow the sequencer functionality in the hold and non-hold able to transfer to Lexington. I really don't understand why these issues weren't immediately addressed when ODYSSEi was made. These things would make it SO much better. Please!!!

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