The KORG KONTROL Editor doesn't recognize the microKEY when a DAW program is running.

  • In case of the Windows standard driver, only one application program can use the nanoKEY Studio. To use the nanoKEY Studio from two or more application programs, please install the latest KORG USB-MIDI driver.

  • The KORG USB-MIDI Driver cannot be used from a 32-bit application program and a 64-bit application program simultaneously. When a 64-bit DAW software is used, the KORG KONTROL Editor, a 32-bit application program, cannot be used simultaneously.
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    Michael Winger

    Where does one download the Korg Control editor for Mac?

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    Jan Wigger

    Got nanokey Studio and nanokontrol Studio, both work great in Gadget in Ipad, but I dont get them to work on PC Windows 10. Nö connection to Editor. Both driverss USB and Ble installed, 2 knobs Presse when connecting to Editor, lights 1to 5 are on - not recognized. Nö update possible. Nö connection to Studio one. Listed in Bluetooth and as Audio.
    Nö clue whatelse to try

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