About Bluetooth MIDI (BLE-MIDI)

Please refer "Bluetooth MIDI FAQ" page.


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    Peter Maude

    I bought a nanokeystudio and the bluetooth does not work with my ipad. I then buy the camera adaptor to connect the keyboard via USB and it says the device requires too much power so you cannot use it. I am very disappointed, and also your help/support is not easy to contact you. I really hope you can help me as this has really put me off Korg and I have been buying Korg for years.



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    Daniel Keys

    I'm in the same boat. Bought this and it's pretty much useless with my iPad, and that's the sole reason that I bought this. Is there any updates on getting this fixed? Problem seems limited to iOS 13.

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    Rolf Birlenbach


    I use the USB 3 Adaptor with the poweradaper and this works fine. But is is needed to have the apple power adaptor conected.

    There is also a Software update for the USB adaptor needed what happens directly when this device is connected.

    Best Regards

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