Convenient other functions

Save the song data to iCloud

・Show song list and flick to left on the song name.

Clear automation data

・Show automation and flick to left on the automation name.

Delete song data

・Show song list and flick to left on the song name.

Delete user program

・Show user bank and flick to left on the program name.

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    Bart Leblans

    Great update guys, thanks!

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    Elite Warrior

    How do I delete a synthesizer from the track, I can add one by pushing the + sign but can’t for the life of me figure out how to take one off,please help

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    KORG app

    Hi Elite,

    please use Function button to show button for removing Gadget.

    Best regards,
    KORG app team

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    Chievas johnson

    How do I use Dropbox and audio share drop box won’t work with Vancouver I can’t import sound how do I set gadget to work with audio share and drop box it shows drop box in the Vancouver but it’s not activated can’t import sample..send me some tips please

    Edited by Chievas johnson
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