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Convenient editing functions

Show all key on Piano Roll

・Set the Key-Scale setting to C-Chromatic with Key C, Scale step 12.

Record glissando or any off-beat sequence

・Turn off Quantize in the transport section.

Transpose multiple note events

・Tap "Select" mode, enclose note events then tap Transpose.

Noticed the "Note Fold" function

・"In-Use" can filter out unnecessary notes in the piano roll editor.

Preview presets without closing the browser

・Avoid tapping the keyboard / trigger pad area.

Set a name tag to track

・Tap-hold the "track" letter in upper area of the main view.

Set a name to scene

・Press the "Function" on the main view. Tap the "4/4 x 1" in the scene, you can enter a name in the "Name".

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    Grregory M Brettell

    How about adding custom track naming??

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    I agree with Grregory. Please add a "custom" button on the Track Name Tag panel. The current four options are far too limited for us creative types.. Thanks Korg!

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    Ross Fenmore

    Yes on track naming. With lots of "Pads," I'm always getting lost with what track is what.

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