Convenient editing functions

Show all key on Piano Roll

・Set the Key-Scale setting to C-Chromatic with Key C, Scale step 12.

Record glissando or any off-beat sequence

・Turn off Quantize in the transport section.

Transpose multiple note events

・Tap "Select" mode, enclose note events then tap Transpose.

Noticed the "Note Fold" function

・"In-Use" can filter out unnecessary notes in the piano roll editor.

Preview presets without closing the browser

・Avoid tapping the keyboard / trigger pad area.

Set a name tag to track

・Tap-hold the "track" letter in upper area of the main view.

Set a name to scene

・Press the "Function" on the main view. Tap the "4/4 x 1" in the scene, you can enter a name in the "Name".

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    Grregory M Brettell

    How about adding custom track naming??

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    I agree with Grregory. Please add a "custom" button on the Track Name Tag panel. The current four options are far too limited for us creative types.. Thanks Korg!

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    Ross Fenmore

    Yes on track naming. With lots of "Pads," I'm always getting lost with what track is what.

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    Andreas Ahrens

    Custom track names have been added. Thanks for listening to the community!

    Next step: In the header of the edit screen, the name of the scene, the track number, and the gadget's name are displayed. I don't need the gadget name here as I see the gadget at the bottom of the screen. Instead, please, display the (custom) track name here. That would help a lot!

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    Andreas Ahrens

    How about a "Split Drum Track" convenience function?

    Creating a drum pattern is most convenient within a single track. You can record it live, and you have an overview of the complete pattern. When mixing a song, you need the drum instruments on separate tracks to apply individual EQ settings and add different effects where appropriate.

    How this function could operate: In the edit screen, you activate the "Split Drum Track" function via the menu opened by the Function button. Then, for each drum instrument (i.e., key in the piano roll) occurring in the track (not only in the edited scene), a separate track containing only one drum instrument's data is created. The original drum track could automatically be deleted to complete this function. For easy undo, it could also be kept. The "Split Drum Track" function could be available for drum gadget tracks only.

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