Sometimes it is not recognized as a USB device.

  • Possibly there is a problem with the USB cable currently used. Please replace the cable and make a retry.
  • Please check whether there is any problem with the USB A connector on the destination PC or Mac.
  • It is possible that long USB cables are not recognized. Please use the supplied USB cable. A long USB cable might be recognized if it is connected via a powered hub. Even in this case, please connect this device and the powered hub using the supplied USB cable.


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    MicroKey Air 25 is not recognized on IOS15. I tried to update firmware under Windows 10 but after driver installation (the latest) the Korg updater software don't find any devide ("Update device is not found"). So, I must update firmware but the Korg's software to update firmware it doesn't work. I have tried different USB cables.
    I can't waste my time with this. I've already lost a morning. I'm going to look for a keyboard from any other brand than Korg. Thanks a lot. What a shame!

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    Same here. I have the same device and issue. I followed the instruction with first updating USB drivers and tried 3 different cables and 2 PC's with no chance to update the fw. So I cant use it on my Macbook :(

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