Can I choose velocity curves?

Yes, you can choose 7 velocity curves or fixed velocity by using the KORG KONTROL Editor on a PC/Mac.


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    Mike Hyland

    Velocity curve changes I make on my microkey air 37 via Korg kontrol editor are not saved and revert back to the previous setting . Am I doing something wrong

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    Fotis Polychronopoulos

    my microKEY 2- 37 doesnt send maximum midi velocity values no matter how hard you play and also it doesnt respond to korg kontrol editor, the editor recognises the keys but no changes actually happen(with no daw opened that time), i have a os 10.11.6 and with both compatible drivers the same problem, you can see for sure when i play the m1 plugin the midi velocity not going close to 127, so some sounds dont work properly and playing with the mouse gives more attack, or tymbani and other velocity controled sounds etc

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    Be sure to apply your changed velocity curve settings by going to "Communication" and "Write Scene Data" in the Kontrol Editor. Close your DAW first if it's open.

    Reaching 127 with any of the curves seems impossible from the very brief testing I did, but you can always set the velocity to a constant value of 127 from the Editor.

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