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I can't find the Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth MIDI list on my Mac.

  • Please check the compatibility.
  • Please check if the "WIRELESS" mode is selected on the Bluetooth devices or not. (If the "USB" mode is selected, it can't be connected by Bluetooth.)
  • Please check if the Bluetooth devices is connected to another device or not. When the power LED stays on in blue (i.e. it's not blinking in blue), then it cannot be used since it's already connected to another device.


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    Phillip Saunders

    My microKEY 2 AIR did not show up in my Mac's Bluetooth control panel. OSX 11
    I was able to use the Bluetooth Explorer App (part of the Hardware IO Tools for Xcode from the Apple Developers site) to get it to connect.
    In the "Devices" menu, click "Low Energy Devices". Then hit "Start Scanning" and the microKEY 2 AIR should show up. Hit "Connect" and it will pair to your Mac Bluetooth and then be usable.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you have to do this every time. Perhaps Korg can write a small app to perform this function?

    BTW, I was able to add Bluetooth 4.0 to my 2008 imac using a $12 iogear Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter. It has to be selected after every reboot using Bluetooth Explorer, then you can use the procedure above to connect to the microKEY AIR. Works very well, with no latency that I can feel.

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    Phillip Saunders

    Korg has a free app called Bluetooth MIDI Connect in the Apple App Store that does cause the microKEY AIR to show up in Bluetooth preferences. If you use that app, you don't need to use Bluetooth Explorer (unless you need to use a USB Bluetooth adapter).

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    Michael Eckel

    I have the same problem like above - but use MAC Pro Computer with OS Yosemite 10.10 - Bluetooth Midi Connect App does not allow me to download the app. What can I do ?

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    Hi!! I have the same problem with my I pad pro 11inch. No korg applications is detecting my Korg Microkey Air 25. I tried connecting straightaway with bluetooth then its showing connected. But not detecting in any of the applications.

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