Motion sequence

Motion sequence

"Motion sequence" is a function that records the changes in the sound that occur when you use the knobs and buttons.

Recording a motion sequence

Here's how to record the knob and button operations for the parts and the effects. As an example, we'll record a motion sequence for the PITCH parameter.

  1. Tap a part button to select the part that you want to edit.
  2. Tap the MOTION button to choose either SMOOTH or TRIG HOLD.
  3. Tap the REC button to enter record-ready mode. The PLAY button will blink.
  4. Tap the PLAY button to play back the pattern.
  5. Turn the PITCH knob to hear the result.

 The motion sequence will be recorded while you continue touching and holding the button.
 A motion sequence cannot be edited after it's been recorded. If you are not satisfied with the recorded result, you'll need to re-record the motion sequence.  
 Motion sequence can't be used with MASTER VOL.

Motion sequence effects

The motion sequence function provides the following three settings to specify how each part will be affected. Tap the MOTION button to make these settings.

・OFF : Motion sequences will be disabled.

・SMOOTH : The parameter values will be continuously connected, producing smooth changes in the sound.

・TRIG HOLD (trigger hold) : The knob value of the motion sequence will be held at the moment each part sounds.

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