Top panel

  1. Display :
    This shows information such as the name of the selected pattern and the parameter values. Tap the display to open the pattern browser.

  2. Dial :
    Use this to select patterns. If the tempo is shown in the display, the dial will change the tempo.

  3. BEAT(beat LED) :
    This will blink to indicate each the four beats of each measure.

  4. MASTER VOL (master volume) :
    This adjusts the volume that's coming from the headphones and speaker.

  5. Common section
    Here you can access the pattern browser, save patterns, change the tempo, access the settings panel, and access Utility mode.

  6. Control section :
    Here you can play/stop/record the pattern, and solo/mute each part.

  7. Synth section :
    Here you can edit the synthesizer parameters.

  8. Effect section :
    Here you can edit the effect parameters.

  9. Part section :
    Here you can make each part produce sound, select the part whose sound you want to edit, or select the part whose rhythm pattern you want to edit.

  10. Step section :
    Here you can change the range of steps that are displayed, or edit the rhythm pattern.
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