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Volume is insufficient

Make sure that the volume of the iPad itself is raised. If you find this provides insufficient volume, you can also get louder volume (and higher audio quality) by using headphones or external amplified speakers.

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    Saurabh Mathur

    I use audiobus , focusrite audio interface, & studio monitors. The volume from iMS 1 is very low & app is not usable when played along other apps.

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    Maurizio Minnucci

    same problem, is there a solution?

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    Brendan Cotter

    I'm finding the same problem, even with the app volume levels up full... Can't really use the app for multitrack pieces as the levels are far too low. Perhaps Korg has to look at an amp component to the app. Would really like to use the app for work, as the sound are wonderful...

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    Renato Matrigiani

    last week I bought iM1 for my Ipad but the output volume is too too too low! Does not allow to be used in layer (with imidipatchbay for example) with other instruments. I am forced to lower all other volumes, but it annoys me very much!! To have known I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT!!! Has the volume too low even if I put at maximum power output volume of ipad!!!. Do you have a solution?

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    Kai Nsanity (Kainsanity)

    I have the same issue when i trying to layer with other Apps.
    The volume from iM1 is way too low, and the app doesn't have the Mater volume.
    It's been years but problems still exist, and there is not answers.
    Can someone help?

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    Hello when I bluetooth my external speakers the lag of the keyboard is really bad, is there anything I can do? If I just use my ipad speaker the sound is too low.
    Thank you

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    Horacio Villarreal

    I have the same problem with iM1, the touch sensibility in my keyboard makes the sound even lower for some voices. Meanwhile a similar app; Digital D1 sounds good.

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