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I cannot use taktile / TRITON taktile transport button

Currently, Gadget can’t be controlled from the transport buttons on taktile/TRITON taktile. This is true even If you are using a Gadget template for the taktile/TRITON taktile

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    Jake Kent

    Why not. Its pretty poor that you can't use a taktile.

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    Hi ! Why is this ? Seems totally logical and convenient to be able to use the transport controls on Taktile, since the Gadget's interface PLAY and REC are a bit small, etc. Being able to control transport from the Taktile's big buttons, would be a great workflow enhancement ( and motivation for iPad users to buy Taktiles.. I have to say .. ) I imagine a workflow where you actually switch the REC mode on and off while listening to your song, also using the "TRACK" ( left or right / next-previous ) buttons on Taktile. Loop button should also with on and off the loop mode on Gadget. What is the status of this issue ? Was this fixed recently ? Thanks in advance...

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    Gregory Flail

    Why no Taktile midi map templates for all the gadget instruments and controls?

    That's a must.

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