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I cannot use taktile / TRITON taktile transport button

Currently, Gadget can’t be controlled from the transport buttons on taktile/TRITON taktile. This is true even If you are using a Gadget template for the taktile/TRITON taktile

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    Jake Kent

    Why not. Its pretty poor that you can't use a taktile.

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    Hi ! Why is this ? Seems totally logical and convenient to be able to use the transport controls on Taktile, since the Gadget's interface PLAY and REC are a bit small, etc. Being able to control transport from the Taktile's big buttons, would be a great workflow enhancement ( and motivation for iPad users to buy Taktiles.. I have to say .. ) I imagine a workflow where you actually switch the REC mode on and off while listening to your song, also using the "TRACK" ( left or right / next-previous ) buttons on Taktile. Loop button should also with on and off the loop mode on Gadget. What is the status of this issue ? Was this fixed recently ? Thanks in advance...

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    Gregory Flail

    Why no Taktile midi map templates for all the gadget instruments and controls?

    That's a must.

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    My guess is that Korg prefer you to buy nanoKontrol + nanoKey studio, rather than a Taktile (triton or no). Shame, because Taktile seems rather more playable and not that much bigger. But Korg puts Korg first, ignoring users needs (external midi gadget anyone?). They apparently get away with it, so we must choose how to deal with that.

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    Rush Little III

    This issue has been resolved. On the Taktile, change your transport buttons to CC#. Then open settings in Gadget. You should see “Transport CC Learn”. With that, you can at least set up the Play, Record, Stop, Loop, and Metronome controls to work from the Taktile. I haven’t seen anything else other than that. So, I don’t think you can set up the faders(at least not yet).

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