How do I load a PDF file?

To add an existing PDF file, use the following procedure.

  1. Connect the device you're using to a Mac/PC. 
  2. Start iTunes on the Mac/PC. 
  3. In the upper tabs of iTunes, choose "iPad."
  4. In the upper tabs, choose "Apps."
  5. Scroll down, and choose "KORG Module" from the apps below file sharing.
  6. Drag your PDF file to "KORG Module document."
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    Nick Thomas

    How do you add PDFs when they are already on your iPad. For example, I use the score app Notion and have score PDFs that I've saved to my iCloud Drive. Is there anyway of importing one of these. Or what if you have an email attachment. To my mind these are much easier ways than having to use iTunes. Thanks

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    How do I delete a pdf in the list on Module?

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    Brian Mongan

    How do I delete a pdf file imported using the Setlist feature?

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