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The app won’t start up

Try the following.

  1. Close all iOS apps that are running in the background.
  2. Turn off the iPad, and then restart it.
  3. Delete the app and reinstall it ...

※ Use caution, since this will erase all data and settings.

Instruction of Backup data.

  1. Set your iCloud account on your iPad.
  2. Tap the upper screen, and tap “Backup button”.
  3. Tap “Create Backup” in the upper right of the displayed screen.
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  • Avatar
    Kornel Ofierski

    I bought iElectribe Gorillaz Edition and I can not open it. I tried to restart my iPad and reinstall the program but it doesn't help. I have iPad mini with retina display and ios 8.0. What can I do else. Please help :(

  • Avatar
    J Troppmann

    I have the same problem as above. I have iOS 8 on an iPad air.
    Please help.

  • Avatar
    Radovan Kramář

    Same problem, after upgrading to iOS 8 on iPad 3. iElectribe, iMS-20 and iPolysix - they all crash after splashscreen init.
    Korg, please fix it!

  • Avatar
    Cesar Cipres

    Acabo de comprar la app. Y actualicé a iOS 8 y ya no puedo iniciar. Ya hice todas las instrucciones y no pasa nada, ¿se puede arreglar? O ya será una app obsoleta? Si es así quiero un reembolso.

  • Avatar
    Radovan Kramář

    Cesar: Korg administró mal tiempo de actualización. muchos músicos ahora sólo puede esperar.

    I found an "official" statement form Korg from 15th September - they say (on a very obscure webpage!), that the Korg apps are NOT READY for iOS 8 YET, so we should not upgrade if we want to use their apps. ridiculous. iOS 8 beta has been out for developers for MONTHS, so who is really to blame here? I had to cancel a recent gig, and quickly find a replacement for these apps.

  • Avatar
    KORG app

    Our development team is working to fix this problem right now.

    Unable to launch apps on iOS 8:

    Thank you for your patience while we solve this.

  • Avatar
    KORG app

    We've submitted iOS 8 compatible updates of all KORG apps to the App Store.
    We'll release them as soon as they're approved. Thank you for your patience.

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