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How do I use WIST?

1. In the header at the top of the screen, tap the Settings icon. 
2. Tap “WIST:OFF”. WIST will now turn on. 
3. Turn on WIST on any WIST-compatible app on your other iPad/iPhone, and proceed with the setup as directed on the screen.

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    There is no WIST item in the settings menu. Please clarify this. I purchased Gadget specifically to use WIST to connect with my iPhone.

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    I'm in the same boat as Cplemoine - I have Synckontrol on my iphone and am trying to use WIST to start Gadget on my iPad. I have Synckontrol sending MIDI to my Volcas (it is starting/stopping the Volcas as well as changing tempo), but I cant get Synckontrol (from my iPhone) to control Gadget on my Ipad.

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