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I cannot delete recorded automation parameters

You can delete the recorded automation parameters by sliding the parameter you wish to delete to left on the parameter list.

  1. Tap the automation overview under the piano roll to display the Automation View.
  2. Tap the parameter that you wish to erase automation for.
  3. Touch and slide this parameter to the left..
  4. Tap "X" to delete the parameter's automation.
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    That's great, it wasn't obvious :) I also noticed if you keep hold of the parameter while recording it automates and erases on alternate cycles. I don't think it always starts from the beginning though, so you have to edit manually. I'm still wondering how to visualise the automation on the mixer. You can automate and partially erase the levels based on the alternate cycle method I mentioned earlier, but I couldn't find a way to be exact or visualise the automation. Would love some hints on this. Great forum btw, is it new? I just stumbled across it.

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    I did finally figure this out. The automation parameters such as level and reverb on the mixer end up in the scene/track detail view, alongside all other localised automations. Very cool :)

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