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Is there a PDF manual?

Yes. You can download the "Studio Guide", and the "Gadget Guide".

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    Peter Levesque

    Links above are for the Poly6 manuals.

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    KORG app

    Thank you for pointing it out, Peter! We just fixed the links.

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    Benjamin John Hardy

    Hi, when I tap the help button in the top right and select manual a window pops up but neither of the 3 manuals load, i just see the spinning wheel.

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    JIma Britain

    I am having the same problem.

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    There exists another problem for me.The Gadget guide appears to have a problem with evolution.It still has a gadget named Darwin in it and I have not seen any of Darwin's gadgets anywhere.The manual is out of date and needs to be changed.Another situation is Has Korg dumped Rosario and the" tape deck' apps.They come and go on my list and there is no clear understanding(for me) on how to use them.Can I plug a Guitar into my phone run it thru gadget rosario and use the effects to record or just play with?

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    Luisa Puterman

    Hi How can I delete projects - doesnt seem to have this op and nothing said on manual :( thank you!

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