How do I save my own preset program?

This procedure depends upon which Gadget you are using:


Tap the sound name located at the upper center of the LCD.
You will be given options of "Save" or "Save As".

All other Gadgets

Tap the program name LCD display to show the list of presets.
Tap the action icon located at the top of the list on the right.
You will be given options of "Save" or "Save As".


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    this doesn't work for Milpitas or the iWAVESTATION gadget. please provide a way for us to save to the user cards in Gadget. For now, it seems that they only way for us to save is to write patches in the iWAVESTATION stand-alone app in iOS. plus i don't know how many times i've accidentally erased/changed the program on a really cool randomization.

    EDIT: Ok I found this on the MacOS version - there's a write option that appears when you are in one of the three User cards.  

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    Bereznai Zoltán

    Hi there,

    I have managed to save a program made in iM1 on the iPad on a library card so that it can be used in Korg Gadget - on my iPad. However, I want this saved program to transfer to Korg Gadget on my iPhone. Can you please advise how to it?

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