wavestate Editor/Librarian release notes

Version 1.2.1

  • Copy/paste effects now includes the Edit 1/2/3 knobs.
  • The Windows installer includes the latest Windows driver, and will not downgrade the driver if a newer driver is present.

Version 1.2.0

  • This release introduces compatibility with the new wavestate SE and wavestate mkII, in addition to the original wavestate.
  • You can now check for updates within the application, either manually via the new menu command. "Help>Check for Updates…," or automatically via a preference setting.
  • Previously, the Multi Filter Preset selector appeared only if the Multi Filter was used in the Performance selected when the Editor/Librarian started up. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, Filter Keytrack was missing from Key Track & Mod Process tab. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, if the user changed Performances on a USB-connected instrument while launching the Editor/Librarian, a crash could occur. This has now been fixed. 
  • Previously, right-clicking on Program or Effect preset selectors could cause two contextual menus to appear. This has now been fixed. 
  • Previously, voice sources erroneously could be selected for LFO Waveform modulation. This has now been fixed. 
  • Support for Step Solo mode has been improved.
  • Previously, it was possible to attempt to copy/paste between the Amp Envelope and other Envelopes - even though the data is not compatible. This has now been fixed.
  • The Performance selector is now wider, to accommodate longer names.
  • When changing sequence or lane presets, Step selection is now cleared.
  • If a Step is selected in the Lane when the Preset changes or Steps are deleted, the selection changes to the Lane instead.
  • Revised layout of Multi Filter manual mode LP/HP/BP/Dry labels.
  • Added missing quarter note graphics to arpeggiator resolution parameter.
  • The sequencer editor's separator line color now updates properly when selecting Lanes.
  • LFO note length is now a graphic note selector instead of a popup menu.
  • Various cosmetic improvements, including: power buttons are now used for enablement switches, labels above popup menus / selectors are now left justified instead of centered, and visual improvements for values of Trigger Threshold, Envelope Curves, and Program Transpose.
  • The Backup Notes text field is now marked by an outline.
  • Minor layout changes for the Mod Knobs section.

Version 1.1.2

  • Added randomize dialog.
  • Added sorting for Category and Collection lists.
  • When an item is deleted in the Librarian, the list now remains in the same location, rather than scrolling to the top.
  • Added new menu command: Help > Open Online Manual. 
  • In Load dialogs and the Librarian, you can now type to select an item in the list.
  • Pressing Enter in Load dialogs selects and closes. 
  • In the Librarian, when viewing Performances, pressing Enter in Librarian list selects the Performance. When viewing Set Lists, Enter opens the Set List editor.
  • Effect editors now have a Type selector above the Preset selector, as on the hardware.
  • Improvements for consistency with wavestate native:
  • Updated the Librarian page.
  • Updated the load/save/rename dialogs.
  • Updated all preset Selectors to include independent search and sort.
  • Reversed the order of the header's Editor and Librarian buttons.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue in effect edit parameter list.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with pan slider when random pan is enabled.
  • The Scale Select button no longer flashes on Performance change.
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic revisions to the Edit page.

Version 1.1.1

  • Added a new Librarian menu command, Export Bundle of All User Sounds, for backing up or transferring all of your custom sounds at once.
  • Added an option to skip factory sounds on import.
  • Fixed problem with Import when overwriting a larger version of an item with a smaller version, which would show the error “Not enough storage space available.”

Version 1.1

wavestate owners are eligible for a significant discount on the wavestate native plug-in, via a coupon code tied to the wavestate hardware’s unique ID. wavestate Editor/Librarian version 1.1 adds support for generating these coupon codes, support for Wave Sequence Step Solo, and other minor improvements. wavestate software version 2.1.0 is required.

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