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Windows can not recognize the USB-MIDI device.

If you have connected more than 10 MIDI devices to the PC, MIDI Device may not be recognized.
Also, since Windows sets the Driver for each USB terminal even on the same MIDI Device, there is a possibility that the upper limit may be reached even with 10 or less connections.

Please use KORG MIDI Driver Uninstall Utility included in the KORG USB - MIDI Driver and remove MIDI devices until there are less than 10.


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    Alonso G Pulgar L

    A mi esto no me funciona, intento desinstalar pero no me deja!

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    Adrian Vogler

    I have a VOX Valvetronix AMP that has a USB connection uses a KORG USB midi driver.
    The connection has to be made within the old 10-MIDI-port-limitation, otherwise the AMP is not seen by the KORG Tone Room software.

    Now strange things (?) happen on my Windows 10 system.

    The driver always gets installed to the 11th port (mid10 or higher), though the ports mid1-mid9 are still available and not taken by any other device.

    How can that happen?
    How can I handle the situation, f.e. manually switch the AMP to use mid1-mid9 for the connection?

    Thx in advance for every hint.

    Best, Adrian

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    Adrian Vogler

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