Bluetooth pairing is not possible on Mac.

Bluetooth pairing cannot be done with the "Bluetooth" in the System Preferences.
Please refer to the "Bluetooth MIDI Connection Guide". This is a guide for microKEY Air, but it can be applied to nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio as well.

If this guide does not solve the issue, try a NVRAM (PRAM) reset or SMC reset on Mac.



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    Enrique Espinosa

    This is frustrating! Please help!! Please read carefully.
    I have a microKey Air 37 up-to-date with firmware 1.04 and a nanoKey Studio up-to-date with firmware 1.08.

    I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd gen, a MacBook Pro 15" 2018 and an iMac 27" late 2015. I just installed simultaneously Catalina, up-dated it, installed Logic from the App Store, and the Bluetooth Midi Connect App also from the AppStore, I re-installed this last app on the iPad running iOS13, and here is the behavior of both KORG controllers on each Apple devices:

    NanoKey Studio bluetooth connection works fine on the iPad and the iMac, but on the MacBookPro it disconnects as soon as I run Logic. It works with Korg Kontrol Editor, though. On the iPad I'm using a KORG piano module app to test it.

    MicroKey Air bluetooth connection works fine only on the iMac. On the MacBookPro, it disconnects as soon as I run Logic, the same way as the nanoKey studio does. When I try to connect it in the iPad it detects it, but the connection never happens.

    Both devices work fine via USB, but I bought bluetooth controllers to use them wirelessly.

    Any suggestion from KORG to troubleshoot these issues? Please Help!

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    Hello everyone,
    I had the same problem on my Mac mini 2020 - Catalina, using Digital performer, but after trying for some hours I found a way to use my nanoKontrol studio with bluetooth, and it works every time ! (I guess it is the same with the other korg bluetooth products).

    - on your sequencer (Cubase, Logic), the control surface must be disabled when started. My nanokontrol disconnects every time I launch Digital performer with the nanokontrol added in my control surface window. So I have to remove the nanokontrol in the control surface window every time before quitting digital performer.

    - Don't download the Korg Bluetooth midi connect app, it is useless.

    - When the nanokontrol is turned off, I have to remove every trace of it on my computer : in the bluetooth preference panes (system preferences), and in the audio/midi configuration application.

    - Now, I can turn my Nanokontrol on, and add it via the bluetooth pairing window in the audio/midi config app. When it is paired, and only after that, I can launch my sequencer. Then, I can add the nanokontrol in the control surfaces window. It works !

    - And of course, after each session, don't forget to remove the nanokontrol from your control surface window in your sequence before quitting it.

    I don't know how it is on Logic, Cubase, etc, but I think the rule is always removing the nanokontrol from the sequencer before quitting it.

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    Thomas Beauvais

    Korg Bluetooth MIDI Connect is terrible, though I can't connect any other way.

    Also, I can't use Ableton Live with Bluetooth MIDI Connect at all. It works great with USB. Then, when I do get it connected after doing the shutdown dance, Ableton sees it connect for about 2 seconds, then removes it automatically, and now everything stuck! No MIDI at all in Live (infact there are red lines now!) and I have to shut down the app to connect it again.

    This thing doesn't work AT ALL.

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    Michael Wenz

    I am loosing my mind trying to get my NanoKey Studio to connect to my MacPro. It did connect once and worked nice. I open the Bluetooth MIDI connect app and it finds it as well. Just won't connect! PLZ FIX THIS @KORG! These are cool instruments that you have left to die. Bluetooth is cool! HELP FIX THE APPS! PLZ! Spent too much time on this, firmware is updated. Works nice on iPad and on Macbook but MacPro no Dice!

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    Chris Bogart

    I just got my NanoKey Studio - Firmware is 1.08. Now for the issue - Bluetooth connects on my iPad 10.2, iPhone 13, and windows desktop. However, on my Macbook Air M1, it does not. I do not see it in Bluetooth settings at all. I then use Bluetooth MIDI connect and it sees the NanoKey and when I click the connect button - it fails to connect every time. USB works. I got this because of the Bluetooth to use with my Macbook Air running the latest Monterey for travel. Up-to-date on all software and drivers. There is some issue here. Is it the M1 chipset causing an issue. I plan to get a new Mac Mini after next weeks announcements. So pleas help!

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    Chris Bogart

    Update - just got the NanoKey Studio - updated firmware to 1.05 and having the exact same issue - Macbook Air M1 is not not connecting - it shows up in the Bluetooth MIDI connect window but will not connect. No issue with iPhone 13 or iPad.

    So is there anything I am not doing or is there a software bug in Midi connect?

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