How can I get my Bluetooth device recogniezed by my application program?

Please refer to the "Bluetooth MIDI Connection Guide". This is a guide for microKEY Air, but it can be applied to nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio as well.

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    Raja shekar

    not good

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    Jack Fisher

    KORG made a dumb deal with apple, and I dont want iphone or mac. I use a real computer and a real phone. Your stuff seem only to work on apple products. Come on you even made YOUR own software to work only on apple.

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    Enrique Espinosa

    This is frustrating! Please help!! Please read carefully.
    I have a microKey Air 37 up-to-date with firmware 1.04 and a nanoKey Studio up-to-date with firmware 1.08.

    I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2nd gen, a MacBook Pro 15" 2018 and an iMac 27" late 2015. I just installed simultaneously Catalina, up-dated it, installed Logic from the App Store, and the Bluetooth Midi Connect App also from the AppStore, I re-installed this last app on the iPad running iOS13, and here is the behavior of both KORG controllers on each Apple devices:

    NanoKey Studio bluetooth connection works fine on the iPad and the iMac, but on the MacBookPro it disconnects as soon as I run Logic. It works with Korg Kontrol Editor, though. On the iPad I'm using a KORG piano module app to test it.

    MicroKey Air bluetooth connection works fine only on the iMac. On the MacBookPro, it disconnects as soon as I run Logic, the same way as the nanoKey studio does. When I try to connect it in the iPad it detects it, but the connection never happens.

    Both devices work fine via USB, but I bought bluetooth controllers to use them wirelessly.

    Any suggestion from KORG to troubleshoot this issues. Please Help!

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