Editing notes

Display all keys in piano roll

Open scale setting from the gadget editor’s gadget panel and change the settings to C-Chromatic, Key C, and Scale Step 12 to display all of the keys.


Recording glissando and off beat

Record after turning Quantize button off, located in the header of the gadget editor.


Transposing multiple notes

Select multiple notes on the piano roll to transpose them.

With draw mode: select multiple notes while pressing “Shift”.
With select mode: drag an area that incorporates multiple notes.

You can move multiple notes with your mouse or the cursor keys.


Tips After selecting the note, hold “Shift” key and press ↑ ↓ keys to easily change the octave.

Using the fold function

The fold function compresses the sequencer view to only display active notes.
Double clicking the scale button will let you switch to Note Fold.


Settings each scene

From the overview, right-click the scene settings. Set the Scene Name / Signature / Repeat /  Scene Tempo / Fade-in / out.


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