Mixer view

The mixer view consists of the song section and the mixer section.
You may change the settings for each track, scene, clip, mixer, MIDI, and more.


Song, mixer section

1. Master effects

Limiter switch
Turn Limiter on and off.

Limiter Depth knob.
Set limiter depth.

Reverb switch
Turn reverb on and off.

Reverb Time knob
Set reverb time.

2. Gadget
Display the gadget assigned to the track.

3. Pan knob, Send knob

Pan knob
Set the track’s left-to-right location in the stereo field.

Send knob
Set the level of the track’s signal that is sent to the master reverb.

4. Fader
Set the volume level of each track or master. The master fader sets the overall volume. The level meter is displayed on the right.

5. Solo, Mute, MIDI/Rec, IFX button

Solo button
Plays the sound of the of the selected track only.

Mute button
Mutes the selected track.

MIDI/Rec button
MIDI : Allows you to route MIDI data from an external MIDI controller to the selected track. When the button is highlighted yellow, it is ready to receive MIDI. In MIDI advanced mode, this button will allow you to set the MIDI input device and MIDI channel for each track.
Rec: Prepares the selected track to record. When the button is highlighted red, the track is ready to record and will monitor incoming audio. If the record button on the transport is also active, the track will record the next time the play button is hit.

IFX button
You may select up to 5 insert effects for each track.

Add track button
Adds a track. Pressing the button will display the gadget selector window.
Selecting a gadget will assign it to the track

Footer section

1. Function button
Displays the function overlay. In this overlay, you can modify a number of settings for each view.

2. Record button
Records performance in real time.

3. Stop button
Stops recording or playback.

4. Play button
Starts playback. Pressing during playback will pause the playback. Pressing when the record button is active will start a recording.

5. Loop button
Loops the scene.

6. Tempo button
Tapping on the button will display the tempo settings menu.

Set the tempo of the performance.

Set the tempo by tapping the button.

Set the amount of swing in the entire track.

7. Metronome
Turn the metronome on or off.

8. Locator
Displays the current play / pause position.

9. Gadget button
Displays gadget selector.

10. MIDI button
Displays the gadget’s MIDI CC# parameter list.


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