Recording with an audio gadget

First, let’s select the Zurich audio gadget and record.

1. Bring up the overview. In the mixer view on the left, you can assign gadgets to various tracks, edit scenes, adjust the volume for each track, and more.


2. Click on “add track” to add a track.


3. Once the gadget selector comes up, select Zurich.


4. Zurich will be displayed in the gadget editor on the right. The gadget editor consists of an audio editor and the gadget panel. In the gadget editor, you can perform the following:

・Edit the gadget
・Edit the volume and audio data of the track
・Change various recording and window settings


5. From the input selector that displays the mixer, select the input channel you would like to record. (*1)

(*1) The number of inputs will differ depending on the number of connected audio interfaces.


6. Select the Rec button on the mixer, and click on the record button located on the lower left of the screen. This will start the recording.


Tips If you need a count in, click on the tempo button and select the metronome button. You can change the count in settings from the general settings in settings.

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  • Avatar
    Peter Gelderbloem

    This is actually completely broken in Korg Gadget LE.
    Therecord button on the mixer says MIDI instead and you cannot record the Korg Nanokey Studio 2.
    Stick to the iphone version

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  • Avatar
    Sam Richter

    I had a great time recording vocals with this gadget!

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  • Avatar
    Gabriel Lagares

    How can I record a vocal on a whole song I already have arranged in scenes. Can I record the whole vocal along with the scenes somehow? Please don't tell me I need to record every little section separately... that would completely kill the feeling...

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  • Avatar
    Childe Giriat

    Unable for me to activate the court-in even with metronome on and setting on.
    Do you have any solutions?

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