Playing a synthesizer gadget

First, let’s try playing the Marseille synthesizer gadget.

1. Bring up the overview. In the mixer view from on left, you can assign gadgets to various tracks, edit scenes, adjust the volume for each track, and more.


Click on “add track” to add tracks.


Once the gadget selector comes up, select Marseille.


Marseille will be displayed in the gadget editor on the right.
The gadget editor consists of a piano roll and the gadget panel. In the gadget editor, you can do the following:

・Play the gadget and edit the tone
・Record tracks and edit performance data


5. Play the gadget with the Mac keyboard, keyboard displayed on the gadget, or with a connected external MIDI keyboard. To use the on-screen keyboard, click a key.


Tips If you come up with a phrase or a pattern while performing, click on the “record” button located on the lower left to start recording.

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