I'm having difficulties updating the hardware wavestate to version 2.1. How can I fix this?

If you're having problems updating to hardware version 2.1, please run "Restore Boot Partition,” and then use the normal update process.

To run “Restore Boot Partition:"
1. Start with the wavestate powered off.
2. Connect the wavestate via a USB cable.
3. Using three fingers on one hand, press and hold the following buttons simultaneously:
4. While holding the three buttons, press and release the power button on the back of the wavestate, to turn it on.
5. When the wavestate display shows the text “USB Boot Mode,” release the three buttons on the front panel.
6. In the macOS wavestate Updater application, open the Tools menu and select the command Restore Boot Partition.
A window appears, titled Start wavestate in USB Boot Mode, which includes a version of the instructions above.
7. Press the OK button to continue.
Note: After pressing OK, you may see a system message about accessing files on a remote volume. If the message appears, press OK to allow access.
Several progress messages will then appear. Once the initial Boot Mode process is complete, a confirmation message will appear.
The wavestate must now be re-started. To do so:
8. Physically disconnect the wavestate power cable.
The power switch is software-controlled, and will not function at this point of the installation. You may see a system message about a disk not being ejected properly. You can safely ignore this message.
9. Re-connect the wavestate power cable, and then turn on the wavestate.
After this, please use the normal update process (there is no need to update via USB Boot Mode).

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