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Can I connect a MIDI Keyboard?

Because of limitations of the Nintendo Switch platform, we can not use MIDI in the application.

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    Ryan Brown

    This is a joke. I'll just use Caustic 3 on my Phone. It can use Midi controllers my samples, and export midi and audio as well.

    It's like you guys didn't even try with this "game".

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    shay B

    C'mon korg...surely there's an update coming in the VERY near future? by the very least you should add an export option. this will deter sales in a major way.

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    Joe Borisson

    I wish you would at least state why these features are not present.

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    Jeff Anderson

    MIDI and export should have been a priority!

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    Tony Stephens

    How about USB keyboards? The Switch can support controllers, arcade sticks and keyboards for typing via USB, so perhaps Korg/Detune could get the nanokey2 or something working here.

    PS: There are even Switch games that use USB microphones; if a vocoder gadget could be added that would be amazing.

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    Toms A Jensen

    Bought the app for switch yesterday. I'm rather disappointed that this wasn't clearly communicated on the store page.

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    Kiba Miyata

    You guys should've found ways to get around these limitations, let the creativity flow. Lazy.. lazy work = lazy-built product.

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