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I can't figure out how to move the Gadget's knobs/faders, etc.

You can change the parameters by moving the right analog stick up and down.
Additionally, the parameters can also be changed by holding down the A button and then twisting the Joy-Con/moving it up and down.
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    Ryan Brown

    Add touch screen support! Are you kidding me!? I can't draw on the screen to write notes and I can't adjust any settings on any machine without a joycon. Those is an atrocious app. I thought this was going to be a software daw. Instead it's terribly designed and useless. This is the biggest dissapointment I've seen from Korg and Nintendo in years.

    It's a tablet. Use it like a tablet.

    Users can't even touch the beginning menu for anything.

    This is terrible. I was waiting for this game for so long. And now it's useless. Even the DS and 3DS games had decent touch screen support.

    This app needs the ability to navigate and use it without a joycon, it needs some way of cloud saving songs and exporting midi and mp3 or wav. It also could use some USB C OTG midi support. You couldve made something useful. Instead it's a near 50 dollar DOA app. I hate that you dropped the ball on this so bad.

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    This is just...Korg. PLEASE. Please understand that we want to be able to make music on the go with the Switch and not be limited to gimmicks and "features"! You're losing customers if you don't update or plan to!

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    Steffen Vidqvist

    I'm trying to find a place to report bugs, maybe the one who reads this can pass it on. After I load my song all the scene lengths are set to 1 yet they repeat 2 times, instead of playing the 2 bars in each scene. I made 48 scenes, and now it's all screwed up. Software is unusable until fixed!

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    Steffen Vidqvist

    Also, clearing automation doesn't work properly at all!

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    KORG app

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
    Is it a problem for Gadget on iOS or Gadget on Nintendo Switch?
    It will be helpful if you contact us with detailed information.
    Could you please inquire from the following? We will support you directly.
    Thanks, KORG app team

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