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Can it be operated by touch?

Only partially.
The gadget screen keyboard and pad, the piano roll screen velocity and automation editor, etc. support touch control.
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    PLEASE please add in the ability to control musical notation in the scenes with touch screen. I've used KORG M01D on 3DS for hundreds of hours, for several years, and have actually self-released albums with it. The touch screen controls are incredibly intuitive, and without them in KORG Gadget, it makes it incredibly difficult to actually write music.

    Is this a feature you plan to update into the app? Because unfortunately until it is, I don't see myself using this incredible app.

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    Ryan Brown

    Add touch screen support! Are you kidding me!? I can't draw on the screen to write notes and I can't adjust any settings on any machine without a joycon. Those is an atrocious app. I thought this was going to be a software daw. Instead it's terribly designed and useless. This is the biggest dissapointment I've seen from Korg and Nintendo in years.

    It's a tablet. Use it like a tablet.

    Users can't even touch the beginning menu for anything.

    This is terrible. I was waiting for this game for so long. And now it's useless. Even the DS and 3DS games had decent touch screen support.

    This app needs the ability to navigate and use it without a joycon, it needs some way of cloud saving songs and exporting midi and mp3 or wav. It also could use some USB C OTG midi support. You couldve made something useful. Instead it's a near 50 dollar DOA app. I hate that you dropped the ball on this so bad

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    Ryan Brown

    I bought this to check it out and immediately have requested a refund from Nintendo. I highly recommend anyone else who buys this sham of a product to do the same. It's not Korg Gadget, it's a bait and switch move.

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    Chris Johnson

    partial touch screen support = total deal breaker for me. no mp3 export doesn't bother me one bit but loss of control schemes found in other versions paired with a sizeable price increase is a bizarre design choice to say the least. if full touch support (i.e. piano roll & knob control) materializes in a future update I will buy instantly but until then I think I'll pass.

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    Throwing in another call for complete touchscreen support. This is a pretty silly oversight.

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    shay B

    I'm going to contact Nintendo as well. hopefully it's not too late for a refund (fingers crossed).

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    Trace McCauley

    Please add more touch support! At least for turning knobs and editing the piano roll. Super disappointed with this and the lack of exporting. Regretting my purchase so far, for $50 I was expecting a serious full featured app.

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    Rig Lagoon

    Full touch functionality is absolutely necessary. KORG should consider refunds.

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    Lynette matusik

    I can forgive every other limitations but this. Touch on a tablet is essential. The ios model has it, i need this function added before I can justify a purchase.

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    Jeffrey H

    Inexcusable, especially since the switch has a perfectly capable 6" touchscreen. Will not be purchasing until touchscreen support has been expanded upon.

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