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I cannot use Bluetooth MIDI device with USB Bluetooth Adaptor.

If you install the attached driver to the USB Bluetooth Adaptor, you will not be able to use KORG BLE-MIDI Driver. Please uninstall the Driver attached to the USB Bluetooth Adaptor and use the standard Windows driver.

If your PC has an internal Bluetooth feature, you must first disable the internal Bluetooth feature to enable the USB Bluetooth Adaptor. Please refer to instructions of your PC and disable the internal Bluetooth feature.

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    Zeek Duff

    I’m looking for why a standard 4.0 USB dongle isn’t being seen by my iPad Pro, I have a KRONOS X and can’t use the Remote app or Gadget LE or any other sound/MIDI apps. Do I need PUC+ or something else to get these apps to work with my KRONOS?

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