Some buttons do not work.

The following buttons do not work as there are no corresponding functions in the software program.

  • Digital Performer 9
    - Marker Set button
  • GarageBand 10
    - Marker Set button, Marker Previous / Next button
  • SONER X2
    - Marker Set button
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    Mark Baker

    I've just installed it with logic and it is working, but the scene options are unavailable. I can switch selections of 8 tracks in the default mode which gives me multiple sets of faders, but i want to be more detailed with it and that without scenes restricts me to just 8 channels?

    Also how is the default mode coded, as in with the jumping in 8 blocks. If you customise there doesn't seem to be a way to I customise back as if you choose the fader it becomes solid connection. No jumping in banks of 8?

    if the scene buttons worked I could solve my issue.

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    John Pope

    I got same problem - buttons work - but scene button doesn't. how is this possible?



    I read scene button won't highlight if there's no extra scene data - I update scene 2 with new midi assignments - and give the scene a name - I write the scene data / and then write the scene sets.  But scene button still doesn't highlight in Logic. 



    IF anyone from Korg is listening - the logic plugin sucks. It denies ability to use expression / dynamics controls - please just make scene 2 control these for ALL logic users. (as the scene button doesn't work)

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