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The KORG KONTROL Editor doesn't recognize the nanoKONTROL Studio when a DAW program is running.

* In case of the Windows standard driver, only one application program can use the microKEY/microKEY Air. To use the nanoKONTROL Studio from two or more application programs, please install the latest KORG USB-MIDI driver.

* The KORG USB-MIDI Driver cannot be used from a 32-bit application program and a 64-bit application program simultaneously. When a 64-bit DAW software is used, the KORG KONTROL Editor, a 32-bit application program, cannot be used simultaneously.

* The KORG KONTROL Editor cannot be used when the GarageBand/Logic Pro X is in use.

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    Simon Roberts

    " * The KORG KONTROL Editor cannot be used when the GarageBand/Logic Pro X is in use. " Does this mean that the nanoKONTROL Studio I have just bought, is actually incompatible with Logic Pro X???? I've spent all night trying to install it. Cannot seem to resolve a timeout issue that prevents it from receiving or transmitting any data via USB. Please advise? Logic Pro X 10.3., Intel Core i5, iMac 2011, 32G RAM running Sierra 10.12.4

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    Maximilien Gobiet

    Inbuy the nano kontrol studio and i can't do,it work with my pc under windows 10. The controller is working with my ipad and korg gadget.
    I install the driver and the editor but the editor doesn' t see the nano kontrol studio. And the error message, no midi channel found appear.
    It seems i do everything in the right way but i can' t do it work, and ableton live 9 doesn't see it anymore.
    If somebody could give me some help it would be great.

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    Jon Law

    Well now, this is interesting. I bought my NK studio when it first came out and used it quite happily for a while with my iPad pro, but tonight thought it would be cool to use it with my new Windows 10 setup. Three hours later I am about ready to chuck it in the bin!
    It simply does not work.
    I have downloaded the latest drivers & software, I have installed/uninstalled, reinstalled, changed USB cables, changed USB ports, tried my Mac and second laptop, promised to marry it, threatened violence, made a pact with Satan and sacrificed several of my neighbours pets. All to no avail.
    Thanks a lot Korg.
    I have lots and lots of your gear. I have always praised you highly.
    But your silence here is deafening.

    Yours disappointedly,
    Jon .

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    Jose Luis

    Logic pro was updated.
    my transport controls works but led indicator is not consistent. also all my knobs and faders became unresponsive. I think the CSP for logic and garageband (preset configurator) doesn't recognize my Logic version anymore.
    Is there any way I can get an updated copy so my surface control works correctly?
    thanks a lot

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    HI I bought a Korg NanoKontrol Studio, neither Ipad nor windows using both bluetooth & USB is not working can some one please help me regarding this. Now its like a useless device on my table. Please help me regarding this.

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    Benjamin Christopher

    korg nano kontrol2 , is not working with logicprox.. can someone help me on this

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