Sometimes it is not recognized as a USB device.

  • Possibly there is a problem with the USB cable currently used. Please replace the cable and make a retry.

  • Please check whether there is any problem with the USB A connector on the destination PC or Mac.

  • It is possible that long USB cables are not recognized. Please use the supplied USB cable. A long USB cable might be recognized if it is connected via a powered hub. Even in this case, please connect this device and the powered hub using the supplied USB cable.
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    BJ Hoffpauir

    I'm certain the device is ok because I can connect it to my Mac (El Capitan) via Bluetooth. The cable I'm using is the one supplied with the original device and when I use a different cable there is no active lights appearing on the device. When I use the original cable the white light appears in the top-right indicator position and the unit's buttons display the patterns of alternating white lights across the surface as expected whenever it's plugged into a USB port.

    I know the USB port on my MacBook Pro is fine because I previously had Sierra installed on it and I used the same port and cable to update the firmware on the nanoKontrol Studio and it was both connected properly and recognized via usb and the firmware update preceded perfectly fine.

    It appears that when I wiped my MacBook to reinstall El Capitan that the USB functionality stopped working.

    Any advice? I have a lot of other bluetooth devices connected to my MacBook Pro and really need my nanoKontrol to be functioning on the USB port!

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    Minami Hoshino

    I encountered a similar situation, but later I discovered it was a design issue with that switch. So, once you finally manage to get it to power on, avoid using that switch again.

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