What's new in Version 2.1

What’s new in KORG Gadget version 2.1 (Codename: Sunnyvale)

・Support for nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio: automatic optimal MIDI assignment after wireless connection is made, Gadget specific “KORG Native Mode” control

・Increased MIDI functionality: Advanced mode control for setting MIDI channels and devices

・Improved latency settings: Detailed settings for audio latency are now available

・Sharing with iCloud, and an improved user interface for GadgetCloud

・Fixed an error that caused a crash during remote installs

・Fixed error that prevented audio input from Dropbox

・Fixed error that caused timeout error during Gadget restore

・Fixed error that sometimes caused GadgetCloud to crash

・Fixed “order by date” error in song list display

・Other enhancements to make the program easier to use

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    Miu Lee

    Friends, find all the updated software links here (their links are so messy!):


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    Ian West

    I have lost alot of sounds on my Glasgow gadget. Tried restoring purchased apps but it doesn't work.
    Can anyone help?

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    Jonathan Reed

    Latest version of Korg Gadget 2 on iOS having issues with sustain pedal input. I use the microKey Air and the nanoKeyStudio with Gadget 2 on my iPad Pro. When I attach a sustain pedal to the microKey air and press it, it activates the play function in the transport. Same problem with the nanoKeyStudio when I press the sustain button - causes the project in Gadget to play. These both used to work.

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